The Association for European Dairy Industry Learning (AEDIL) was established in 1992 by European organisations, which were responsible for the vocational education and training in the dairy sector in their countries. Soon, other countries joined the association, with dairy oriented group associations and societies who particularly support the needs of vocational, further and continuing training in the dairy sector. Meanwhile the number of members has increased to 15 members.



  • Promotion and protection of the dairy profession and the dairy sector in Europe by means of allying the national associations within the framework of the due European solidarity commitment.
  • Co-ordination and adaptation of the vocational, further and continuing training in the dairy sector as well as mutual recognition of qualifications and diplomas.
  • Edition of a European Vocational Education Passport which is confirmed by the EU authorities and issued by the national associations.
  • Elaboration of vocational training qualifications which are mutually recognised by the member states.
  • Exchange of experience with educational policy and social objectives in the dairy sector.
  • Exchange of experience in the technical, economic, academic and scientific domains through seminars, information workshops, study trips and other meetings.
  • Trainees' and students' exchange in the dairy sector.
  • Use of the educational and mobility schemes of the European Union.
  • Providing for junior staff for the dairy sector with actions for the recruitment of apprentices.
  • Safeguarding and promotion of the common interests of the dairy profession towards the European authorities and institutions.
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